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  •  Biologists believe that whales (and modern hoofed animals) evolved from a group of extinct land mammals called mesonychid condylarths. The mesonychids resembled a slim wart hog without the tusks.[whale]

  •  Another name for whales is cetacea, which is from the Greek word Keto, who was the goddess of sea monsters.[whale]

  •  Scientists are not sure why whales jump out of the water, often called “breaching.” While early whalers thought breaching was a whale’s method of taunting the fishermen, many biologists now believe breaching is a whale’s way of demonstrating stamina and strength to prospective mates.[whale]

  •  Because whales typically use hearing as their primary sense, they have very small eyes in proportion to their overall body size.[whale]

  •  There are 78 species of whales on earth.[whale]

  •  Whales can swallow their weight in water when they feed. A special organ about the size of grapefruit located in their chin helps the whales filter the vast amounts of water without injury.[whale]

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