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  •  In about 40 years, a gray whale migrates a total distance that is equivalent to the moon and back.[whale]

  •  The whale’s mouth has a fascinating row of plates fringed with bristles to help it filter its main source of food – plankton from the water. There is what looks like a moustache of long bristles on the end of each plate to help it hold the minute prey. With each mouthful, the whale can hold up to 5,000 kg of water and plankton. Having forced the water out of its mouth, the whale licks these bristles with its fleshy tongue.[whale]

  •  When a blue whale exhales, the water from its blowhole can reach almost 30 feet into the air.[whale]

  •  The Blue Whale is the largest animal ever to have lived on earth.[whale]

  •  There are two types of cetaceans.[whale]

  •  Since cetaceans are mammals, they breathe air.[whale]

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