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     1. Why did the painter from Boston have trouble making friends? He was way too autistic for his own good.

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     2. A father of four finds out hes months behind on child support... *[deleted] 1 hour ago (0 children)*

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     3. When I take pictures of cheese I yell "SAY HUMANS!" and me and the cheese laugh and laugh and then I binge eat and cry.

  • random joke 4

     4. Great minds think alike... That's why we have so many opinions in America

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     5. What's a pirate's favorite workout program? Pirates (pronounced like pilates)

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     6. What happens if you don't pay the priest who exorcises your house? He'll re-possess it

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     7. A new report says that the average U.S. University Freshman reads at a 7th grade level. To any College Freshmen out there, big words say you can't read big words.

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     8. Yes, I am aware pigs are more intelligent than dogs. Why would I want to eat an inferior animal and absorb its lesser powers?

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