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  •  1. Yo mama so fat that her yearbook picture was on page 20, 21, 22, and 23.

  •  2. What do I know about bonsai trees?
    Very little.

  •  3. My friend told me that ever since they changed genders, their kids won’t even look at them anymore.
    It’s almost as if they have become trans-parent.

  •  4. How do you stop an anti-vaxer from drowning?
    Take your foot off his head.
    ** Edit: Some people PM'd me to tell me they found this offensive. I reread it and I agree. Here is the updated version of the joke:
    Q. How do you stop an anti-vaxer from drowning?
    A. Take your foot off his or her head.
    Again, I apologize to any feminists out there for my originally posted version.

  •  5. I just turned 18 so now I shouldn’t need my glasses anymore
    I’m still waiting for my adult super-vision to kick in

  •  6. Q. What is Big, Red & eats Rocks? A. A big red rock eater!

  •  7. My girlfriend got me pretty good today.
    I opened the cabinet to pull out the chocolate syrup when I noticed a chocolate fingerprint on the top. I jokingly asked her if she did that to mark it as hers since she had told me she might have to hide it to keep me from using it all. So, we go back and forth over whose fingerprint it is when she grabs it and takes it over to the dog. She holds it up and goes, "Eddie, look. Whose is that?" Of course, he's a dumb dog, so he just whines and wags his tail. She then comes back to me and says, "I sent the fingerprint to the Lab, results came back inconclusive." Cue long sigh.
    Edit: Damn...
    Edit 2: The La

  •  8. Two women are walking home from the bar, they both have to piss so they slip into a nearby cemetery. One uses her panties to wipe herself, and the other uses a reef off a head stone.Next night the husbands met at the bar, one looks at the other and says "I'm gonna have to watch my wife, she came home with no panties last night." The other one says "Oh well, mine came home with a card wedged in her ass saying "You were loved and will be missed by the whole entire fire department."

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