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     1. There are many effective ways of inviting me to your event but doing it on Facebook is definitely not one of them.

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     2. I told my ex she was cross between a rare coin and female dog. A two faced bitch.

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     3. Be like Bro This is Bro. Bro gets F'e in all Subject, Bro Knows F means Fantastic or Fabulous. Bro think he's the best student in the world, Bro is happy with his gread, Be like Bro

  • random joke 4

     4. I appreciate when aerobic instructors say "Don't forget to breathe" because I sometimes forget and then I die.

  • random joke 5

     5. [caveman scratches a cave painting of an elephant onto the cave wall] ELEPHANT: delete it

  • random joke 6

     6. Why do Europeans hate American food? Europeans don't want to die yet. Unlike Americans who don't wanna diet.

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     7. how many kids with A.D.D does it take to screw in a light bulb? let's go ride bikes.

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     8. Yo mama So fat I can stand on her belly and high five Jesus -Merry Xmas

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