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  •  1. A man walks into a bar and hears someone say, "Hey, you look NICE today!!!" He turns aroud and asks the bartender, "Who said that?" The bartender answers, "The peanuts...

    they're COMPLEMENTARY!!!"

  •  2. A man ran into the house breathless and he said to his wife, "Honey, you should be so proud of me, I just saved $1.50 by not taking the bus, but I chased it all the way home-­‐ The wife replied, "You want a medal for that?-­‐You should have chased a cab and saved yourself 15!

  •  3. Q: Did you hear about the Ice Cream Sales man that was found dead in his store covered in chocolate sauce and syrup?

    A: Police think he topped himself!

  •  4. a man buys two monkeys. those monkeys multiply and soon he's got 10 monkeys. the city gets wind of it and threatens heavy fines if he doesn't get rid of the monkeys. So the man calls his cousin pedro and offers him $50.00 to take the monkeys to the zoo. a couple of hours pass, pedro calls and asks for fifty MORE dollars! the man says "listen, i just gave you $50.00 to take them to the zoo". Pedro says "yes, but now they want to go to the movies!".

  •  5. Apparantly 1 in 4 people in the world are Chinese.

    There are 5 people in my family -­‐ this means that it is either my Mother, my Father, my Younger Brother Colin or ny Older Brother Ho Cha Chin. But I think it is Colin!

  •  6. What is a crocodile's favourite card game? snap

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