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  •  1. The night watchman was making his rounds and was surprised that no one was in the office except a big dog emptying wastebaskets.

    The watchman stared at the animal, wondering if his imagination could be playing tricks on him...

    The dog looked up and said, "Don't be surprised. This is just part of my job."

    "Incredible!" exclaimed the man. "I can't believe it! Does your boss know what a prize he has in you? An animal that can talk!"

    "No, no," pleaded the dog. "Please don't, If that man finds out I can talk he will make me answer the phone as well!"

  •  2. Where do sheep get their haircut?
    At the Bah-­‐Bah-­‐Shop.

  •  3. Where does Kylie get her keebabs from?

    ....Jasons Donervan!

  •  4. Q.: How do you catch a rhino wearing a wool-­‐hat?

    A.: You kick it's back. Then let the rhino chase you around a lake until the rhino is hot and takes off the hat. Now you can catch it like a normal rhino.

  •  5. A horse walks in to a bar. The bartender says: "Why the long face?"

  •  6. What time did the Chinaman go to the dentist

    Tooth hurty

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