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  •  Beaver eyelids are transparent so that they can see through them as they swim underwater.[Fun]

  •  Laughter synchronizes the brains of both speaker and listener so that they become emotionally attuned.[Fun]

  •  When humans take a breath, they replace only 15% of the air in their lungs with fresh air. When dolphins take a breath, they replace 90% of the air in their lungs with fresh air.[Fun]

  •  A "glisk" is sunlight that is glimpsed through a break in the clouds, a fleeting glance at a glittering sight, a brief glow of warmth from a fire that's burned low. It can also mean a sudden flash of hope in the heart.[Fun]

  •  Candy Land was created 70 years ago to give kids stuck in polio wards a way to vicariously move freely in the pursuit of delights. The original board featured a boy in a leg brace about to walk through starting gate of the game.[Fun]

  •  The Wizard of Oz's Full Name is Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. In the book, he explains that he called "myself O.Z., because the other initials were P-I-N-H-E-A-D."[Fun]

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