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  •  The word “ferret” is from the Latin "fur," meaning “little thief.” Indeed, one of the ferret’s favorite activities is stealing and hiding things.[Fun]

  •  Feral pigs ate and completely destroyed $22,000 worth of cocaine that had been hidden in an Italian forest.[Fun]

  •  Moons can have moons, and they are called "moonmoons."[Fun]

  •  Hugging your cat has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, especially for people who are dealing with illness, depression, PTSD, and other ailments.[Fun]

  •  Rabbits can see behind them without moving their heads.[Fun]

  •  The # symbol isn’t officially called a hashtag or a pound. It’s technically called an "octothorpe." The “octo-” means “eight” to refer to its points.[Fun]

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