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  •  While the explosion took place in 1986, officials say it could take up to 100 years before Chernobyl is completely decommissioned.[Chernobyl]

  •  Mars lacks an ozone layer; therefore, the surface of Mars is bathed in a lethal dose of radiation every time the sun rises.[Mars]

  •  The most earthquake-prone state in the United States is Alaska.[Earthquakes]

  •  The energy efficiency of both hybrid and combustion engine cars is only 25 to 40%, meaning that only around a quarter of the fuel used to run them is actually converted into energy; the rest of the fuel is converted into heat.[Electric Car]

  •  The Greek God of the sea was Poseidon, who became Neptune in the Roman tradition. This aquatic overlord wielded a trident and summoned storms to punish or warn human beings.[Sea]

  •  There are over 915 million ways to combine 6 LEGO bricks.[LEGO]

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