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  •  Reformation--Movement in response to the corrupt practices of the Catholic Church in the early 1500s; led to the birth of Protestantism and ultimately pilgrims seeking religious freedom

  •  Republic--A form of government in which the people select representatives to govern them and make laws.

  •  Conquistador--Spanish invaders/explorers who conquered parts of the New World. Examples are Hernando Cortes who conquered the Aztecs and Pizarro who conquered the Incas.

  •  Federalists--Group of people who supported the ratification of the Constitution

  •  Ulysses S. Grant was--the General of the Union Army and was responsible for winning the Civil War for the North.

  •  Know-Nothing Party--A political party developed to discourage immigration and prevent immigrants from holding political office, also wanted to keep Catholics out of public office and have stricter immigration rules.

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