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  •  The pepper mash in Tabasco sauce is aged in Jack Daniel’s barrels before it is then made into the sauce distributed all over the world.[whiskey]

  •  George Washington made Washington the largest American Whiskey producer in the 18th century.[whiskey]

  •  Wild Turkey relies on the same strain of live yeast for a consistent quality across its bourbons. It therefore makes sense that there’s an emergency plan in case anything happens to its Kentucky distillery: the company has secret stashes of its proprietary yeast hidden all across the country.[whiskey]

  •  Scotch Whiskey produces $175 of income every second.[whiskey]

  •  The Guinness World Records for most variety of whiskeys commercially available in the world is right here in San Diego at The Whiskey House. Over 3000 different bottles. Another fun whiskey fact.[whiskey]

  •  U.S. government banned the manufacture of whiskey due to World War II from 1942-1946.[whiskey]

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