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  •  On Valentine's Day, American consumers collectively spend over $681 million on their pets.[valentine's day]

  •  The discovery of DNA (strands of hereditary material) provides the strongest proof for biological evolution. By comparing genomes of different living things and observing the changes in the coding of genes, scientists can figure out how closely different species are related to each other and identify how long ago a common ancestor lived.[evolution]

  •  In India, simple wolf traps are still used. These traps consist of a simple pit, disguised with branches or leaves. The wolves fall in and people then stone them to death.[wolf]

  •  An elephant’s tusks are teeth (ivory is highly compressed dentine; mature tusks have no enamel). To remove a tusk requires removing a very large chunk out of an elephant’s face and skull.[poaching]

  •  A 2010 Gallup poll found that 60% of those asked said buying and wearing fur is morally acceptable. Nearly 35% said it is morally wrong. This breakdown has changed little since the question was first polled in 2001.[animal cruelty]

  •  Fish were the first vertebrates with bony skeletons to appear on Earth. Unlike today’s fish, early fish had no scales, fins, or jawbone, but they did have a dorsal fin.[fish]

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