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  •  Dolphins can talk and understand each other over the phone.[dolphin]

  •  Some crabs, such as the spider crab, disguise themselves by attaching living things, such as anemones, to their bodies. These living decorations not only camouflage the crab, but the anemones’ stings also discourage predators.[crab]

  •  Egg-laying hens are debeaked with hot knives to prevent cannibalism and fighting. A typical cage is about 12x20 inches, or the size of a single sheet of newspaper, and contains 4-8 birds. The cages, called battery cages, are stacked floor to ceiling in massive sheds. Hens living on the bottom tiers are showered with excrement. Battery cages are outlawed in some European countries but are still legal in the U.S.[animal cruelty]

  •  African elephants have the best sense of smell in the animal kingdom. Elephants have around 2,000 genes alone that are dedicated to smell. Humans have around 400.[elephant]

  •  Native Americans in Florida used the teeth of Great White sharks as arrowheads.[shark]

  •  Octopuses are found in all oceans at every depth.[octopus]

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