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  •  White Bengal tigers are most likely extinct in the wild, but they still live in zoos. All captive white tigers can be traced to one wild white tiger named Mohan, who was captured in India in 1951.[tiger]

  •  Researchers were surprised to find that the female short-nosed fruit bat (Cynopterus sphinx) performs oral sex, or fellatio, on males to prolong copulation. Although fellatio has been observed in juvenile members of the chimpanzee-like bonobo, this is the first time fellatio has been seen in adult animals other than humans. Researchers argue that for bats, fellatio likely has evolutionary benefits.[bat]

  •  Adventurer Marco Polo believed that he had seen unicorns and wrote, "they are very ugly brutes to look at." He was probably describing rhinoceroses.[unicorn]

  •  The slowest fish is a seahorse. It swims so slowly that a person can barely tell it is moving. The slowest is the Dwarf Seahorse, which takes about one hour to travel five feet. It even looks like it is simply standing up, not swimming.[fish]

  •  An adult rhino will produce 50 pounds (23 kgs) of dung every day.[rhinos]

  •  Because the ancient Greeks believed unicorns were real, the creatures are not included in Greek mythology but rather Greek natural history. The Greeks believed that unicorns lived in India, which they thought was a realm of mystery.[unicorn]

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