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  •  People who constantly check their email are less happy than those who check their email just three times a day.[Happiness]

  •  In the 17th century, René Descartes viewed the body’s emotional apparatus as largely hydraulic. He believed that when a person felt angry or sad it was because certain internal valves opened and released such fluids as bile and phlegm.[Human Emotion]

  •  In 1895, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg created peanut butter as a protein supplement for people who could not eat solid food.[peanut butter]

  •  Various famous authors attribute their classics to dreams. For example, Mary Shelly claimed inspiration for Frankenstein came directly from her nightmares and Robert Lewis Stevenson accredited his classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to the same.[Dreams]

  •  In 2013, a falling cow killed a 45-year-old Brazilian man. The cow had been grazing on the man’s corrugated roof when the roof buckled. Both the man’s wife, who was lying beside him, and the cow, were unharmed.[Death]

  •  As soon as an IUD (intrauterine devices) is removed, a woman can try to get pregnant.[Birth Control]

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