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  •  The Egyptians had a male god of dreams, Serapis, who had a number of temples devoted to his worship. These temples housed professional interpreters or “learned ones of the library of magic.” Serapis’ likeness was often carved on the headboards and headrests of Egyptian beds.[Dreams]

  •  While research shows that napping has important health benefits, napping is still associated with several false stigmas in the U.S, including laziness, lack of ambition, low standards, or an activity exclusively reserved for children, the sick, and elderly.[Napping]

  •  Of the 3.2 million teenage women who use contraceptives, 53% rely on the pill, 16% rely on other hormonal methods (including the implant, injectable, patch, and ring), and 3% rely on the IUD.[Birth Control]

  •  Ancient Greek physicians tried to cure insanity with donkey urine. Others tried to treat fevers by boiling an egg in the patient’s urine and then burying it in an anthill.[Urine]

  •  Sharks kill about 12 people a year. People kill about 11, 417 sharks—an hour.[Death]

  •  Some descendants of Holocaust survivors are having their concentration camp numbers tattooed on their arms to memorialize their family history.[Tattoo]

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