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  •  Even though the koala is often called a “bear,” it’s actually a marsupial, an animal with a pouch on its stomach that holds young inside until they are old enough to brave the outside world.[koala]

  •  Koalas have fingerprints and are the only mammal, apart from humans and chimpanzees, to have them.[koala]

  •  Koalas eat only eucalyptus leaves and spend most of their lives on the branches of these trees.[koala]

  •  Koalas grow to their full size by the time they are 4 years old.[koala]

  •  The Aborigines, the indigenous people who lived on the island of Australia for thousands of years before the English arrived, had many names for the Koala bear, including “cullewine,” “koolewong,” and “kobarcola.”[koala]

  •  The scientific name of the koala is phascularctos cinereus, from the Greek word phaskolos, meaning “pouch,” and arktos, meaning “bear.”[koala]

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