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  •  Over millions of years, the nose and upper lip of ancient elephants fused and extended to become a trunk.[elephant]

  •  While an elephant's skin looks rough, it can detect the gentle touch of a finger. In the wild, elephants will cover their skin with dirt or mud to protect their skin from the sun or insect bites.[elephant]

  •  An elephant can drink 35 gallons (159 L) of water per day. That is like drinking 1,120 cans of soda.[elephant]

  •  There are two types of elephants: Asian and African. An African elephant has very large ears, while an Asian elephant's ears are smaller. An African elephant has two fingers at the end of its trunk; an Asian elephant does not.[elephant]

  •  Elephants can make low, loud sounds that other elephants can hear from over 6 miles away.[elephant]

  •  African elephants are 8–13 feet tall, weigh between 5,000 and 14,000 pounds ( 2268 kg - 6350 kg) and live up to 70 years.[elephant]

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