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  •  Early in the 20th century, “housewife” was the preferred term to refer to a married woman who stayed home. But as the focus increased on efficiency and sanitation during the 1950s, a new word, “homemaker,” came into vogue. By the 1980s, the term “stay-at-home mom” became more popular.[Housewife]

  •  Within 20 minutes of consuming Coke, blood sugar levels in the body increase dramatically and cause a dramatic burst of insulin. Our liver then turns the high sugar levels circulating in our bodies into fat.[coke]

  •  Like birds and reptiles today, dinosaurs built nests and laid eggs. Some even fed and protected their babies.[dinosaur]

  •  In the 1600s, authorities began regulating heel height. For example, commoners' heels could only be 1/2 inch, while princes could wear 2.5-inch heels.[High Heel]

  •  Coyotes are great swimmers, which has helped them colonize islands and spread their populations.[coyote]

  •  Neptune is 17 times heavier than Earth and 58 times larger in volume.[Neptune]

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