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  •  One hundred years ago, meat, fat, and sugar between them contributed only 15% of the total number of calories in an average diet. Today, the figure in nearer to 60%. The quantity of fiber has dropped a whopping 90%.[fiber]

  •  In the United —States, petroleum provides the most energy, more than coal, natural gas, or solar energy.[Energy]

  •  The human body has about 100,000 different types of protein. The body needs protein to grow, heal, and carry about nearly every chemical reaction in the body.[protein]

  •  The Big Mac was introduced in 1968. The calories in a Big Mac depend on the way a specific McDonald’s restaurant adapts it to the regional cuisine. For example, in the United States, the Big Mac has 550 calories. In Australia it has 493 calories. In Japan, it has 557 calories.[mcdonald's]

  •  Breastfeeding is one of the few health recommendations in which poorer countries are closer to WHO guidelines than rich countries.[Breastfeeding]

  •  One anagram of “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart” is “A famous German waltz god.”[Mozart]

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