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  • Thumb of Jim Jones’ Son: Stephan Gandhi Jones video

    (#1) Jim Jones’ Son: Stephan Gandhi Jones

    Stephan Gandhi Jones was away at a basketball game in Georgetown when his father, Jim Jones, ordered the Peoples Temple mass suicide in 1978 at a compound in Guyana, dubbed "Jonestown." Reverend Jim Jones gave the order when California Congressman Leo Ryan came to investigate reports of abuse and false imprisonment, only to end up among more than 900 dead (a third of whom were children). Stephan Gandhi Jones was 19. 

    For many years, Jones struggled with the guilt of survival, his father’s grim legacy, and his own subsequent substance abuse. He sought treatment, and eventually, the father of three settled into a quiet life in California. 

    "I don’t care what you think of my father," Jones wrote in 2015. "I don’t care what you think of his ancestor or progeny. I am no apologist."

  • Thumb of Ervil LeBaron's Daughter: Jacqueline LeBaron video

    (#12) Ervil LeBaron's Daughter: Jacqueline LeBaron

    Ervil LeBaron was the leader of a polygamist Mormon cult called the Church of the First Born of the Lamb of God. When members of his church defected, LeBaron started ordering their deaths, as well as the deaths of rival polygamist cult leaders. 

    LeBaron's kids took after him. Six of his adult children, including Jacqueline LeBaron, were convicted of many of the murders

  • Jeffrey Lundgren's Son: Caleb Lundgren on Random Children Of Famous Cult Leaders: Where Are They Now?

    (#11) Jeffrey Lundgren's Son: Caleb Lundgren

    Jeffrey Lundgren began running an offshoot of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He started preaching out of his home, and after amassing some followers, Lundgren moved everyone to Kirtland, OH, to witness the second coming of Christ. Shortly after the move, he killed a family of five and was brought down by the FBI and ATF. 

    After his father was arrested and put to death, Caleb Lundgren's life seemingly unraveled. In 2010, he was arrested for throwing his 3-month-old daughter across a room while high on meth, breaking the girl's skull.

  • Thumb of Fred Phelps' Son: Nathan Phelps video

    (#14) Fred Phelps' Son: Nathan Phelps

    Fred Phelps began the Westboro Baptist Church, a group known for its hate speech and picketing of soldiers' funerals.

    Nathan Phelps is one of Fred's many children. Rather than join his father's cause, he escaped the church in the middle of the night on his 18th birthday. Phelps frequently spoke out against the Westboro Baptist Church and worked for the Centre for Inquiry, a secular organization that advocates for secular thought.

  • Thumb of Wayne Bent's Son: Jeff Bent video

    (#10) Wayne Bent's Son: Jeff Bent

    After reportedly receiving a message from God saying "You are the Messiah" in the year 2000, Wayne Bent left the Seventh-Day Adventist religion and started the Lord Our Righteousness Church, which members referred to as "Strong City." Bent later went to prison for molesting some of the young girls in Strong City, but in 2016, he was released after being diagnosed with cancer. 

    Wayne's son Jeff Bent defended Wayne's actions to the press, saying, "This wasn't his natural desire to be involved in any of this. This was what God had him do." He also compared his dad to Jesus: "These circumstances are the same as when the ministry of Jesus ended. Jesus was betrayed by a former disciple."

  • Thumb of Shoko Asahara’s Daughter: Rika Matsumoto video

    (#4) Shoko Asahara’s Daughter: Rika Matsumoto

    Shoko Asahara (born Chizuo Matsumoto) was the leader of Aum Shinrikyo, a sect responsible for a Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system in 1995. The attack killed 13 people and injured thousands more. Asahara was put on death row.

    One of the 15 children Asahara fathered, Rika Matsumoto, was 12 when her father was brought in. In 2015, she published a memoir about her life on the 20th anniversary of the attacks. Matsumoto, who was considered a key figure in the cult, found post-Aum Shinrikyo life difficult, saying that she could not find work, a place to live, or a school that would accept her.

    Matsumoto sought to have her father examined to see if he was actually mentally ill. "I do not intend to say my father is innocent, but I want to know the truth - if or how he was involved in the crimes," Matsumoto said. "I want to hear from him in his own words what really happened."

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