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  •  Some octopuses can walk—and even run—on land. According to one veterinarian, chasing an octopus on land is like "chasing a cat."[octopus]

  •  Because the octopus's oxygen-carrying pigment (hemocyanin) isn't as efficient as hemoglobin, the octopus has evolved two accessory hearts.[octopus]

  •  All octopuses are venomous. Their venom contains enzymes that help digest their food.[octopus]

  •  Nearly 2/3 of an octopus's neurons are in its arms, which means its arms can react to stimuli and function at a fairly high level even if they are separated from the body.[octopus]

  •  The venom of a blue-ringed octopus can be fatal to humans.[octopus]

  •  A tiny octopus that was discovered in the 1990s is so cute that researchers are considering naming it Opistoteuthis adorabilis.[octopus]

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