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  •  Rapunzel, rapunzel! a single strand of hair can hold up to 3 ounces of weight. that means the typical person’s full head of hair can support up to 12 tons.[awkward]

  •  Ernest wright’s 1939 novel gadsby does not contain the letter “e.”[awkward]

  •  Laughing boosts the immune system, burns calories and reduces stress hormones, making it a very healthy activity.[awkward]

  •  American 18- to 34-year-olds spend 25.7 hours on facebook, 7 hours on instagram, 5.9 hours on snapchat, 5.7 hours on tumblr and 3.5 hours on twitter each month.[awkward]

  •  Pablo picasso carried a revolver loaded with blanks, which he would fire at whoever asked him what his work “meant.”[awkward]

  •  Many oranges are green when they’re ripe. scientists remove their chlorophyll to make them more appealing to north american consumers.[awkward]

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