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  •  56 percent of internet users have googled themselves.[awkward]

  •  Scientists found that the most relaxing song ever is “weightless” by the marconi union—it reduced anxiety by 65 percent in the average test subject.[awkward]

  •  Ernest wright’s 1939 novel gadsby does not contain the letter “e.”[awkward]

  •  Globally, only 2 percent of the population has green eyes.[awkward]

  •  Dean kamen, the inventor of the segway, owns an island off the coast of connecticut called north dumpling island. the island has its own constitution, flag, currency and even navy (though the navy is made up of just one boat). it also has a replica of stonehenge. kamen refers to himself as lord dumpling, though the island is not technically recognized as separate from the u.s.[awkward]

  •  Contrary to its portrayal in jurassic park, the tyrannosaurus rex probably didn’t roar. instead, scientists believe it either hissed or rattled, like a rattlesnake.[awkward]

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