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  •  Due to the extremely warm weather in the summer of 2013, several nuclear power plants across the world, including ones in japan, israel and scotland, were forced to close down because of a sudden increase in the population of jellyfish. the mass amounts of jellyfish clogged the filters that draw seawater into the power plants in order to cool down their reactors![crazy]

  •  Approximately 1,000,000 dogs in the u.s. are named as the heirs of their owners’ wills.[crazy]

  •  Sonic the hedgehog has registered itself in guinness book of world records for being the fastest gaming character ever.[crazy]

  •  It is estimated that in the amazon rainforest alone there between 20-40 million different species of animals, most of which are insects, as well as over 40,000 species of plant![crazy]

  •  It is predicted that the reason why night insects, such as moths, are attracted to lights is because they mistake them for the light of the moon, which they used to navigate the earth before mankind made artificial lights.[crazy]

  •  In 1995, strange 7-foot circular patterns were discovered on the ocean’s floor. deemed the ‘crop circles of the sea’, these mysterious patterns went unanswered for until early 2011 when it was discovered that 5-inch long male puffer-fish were the culprits. after studying these animals, scientists have discovered that the meticulous creation and upkeep of these patterns by the puffer-fish serve as an attraction for the opposite sex as well as a nest for the female puffer-fish’s eggs.[crazy]

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