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  •  The word ‘oxymoron’ is itself an oxymoron. this is because it derives from ancient greek where ‘oxy’ means ‘sharp’ and ‘moros’ means ‘stupid’.[crazy]

  •  In Indiana, it is illegal for a man to be sexually aroused in public.[Crazy Laws]

  •  There is an australian man, james harrison, who has a singularly unique blood plasma composition that has been used to cure rhesus disease, a hemolytic disease that affects newborn babies. he has donated his blood plasma over 1000 times.[crazy]

  •  In Arizona, oral sex is considered sodomy.[Crazy Laws]

  •  It is predicted that the reason why night insects, such as moths, are attracted to lights is because they mistake them for the light of the moon, which they used to navigate the earth before mankind made artificial lights.[crazy]

  •  It’s illegal in St. Louis, Missouri, for a fireman to rescue a woman wearing a nightgown. If she wants to be rescued, she must be fully clothed.[Crazy Laws]

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