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  •  Beethoven wrote his famous Piano Sonata No. 14 in C sharp minor ("Moonlight Sonata") for 16-year-old Giuletta Guicciardi. When he asked her parents for her hand in marriage, they refused, and they married her to another man instead.[Beethoven]

  •  To make one pound of honey, honey bees must gather nectar from nearly 2 million flowers.[bee]

  •  Tradition holds that St. Patrick kept a brewer in his household in 5th century Ireland.[Beer]

  •  Before Schubert died, he asked to be buried next to his idol, Beethoven.[Beethoven]

  •  Historically, only the beet greens were eaten, not the roots. The roots were highly revered as medicine, not food.[beet]

  •  The beer industry in the United States turns annual profits of over 100 billion dollars.[Beer]

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