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Random Paraguayan Women Writersreport

  • Faith Wilding (born 1943), Paraguayan-American feminist artist, non-fiction writer, educator

  • Mercedes Sandoval de Hempel (1919–2005), lawyer, feminist, legal writings

  • Renée Ferrer de Arréllaga (born 1944), poet, novelist

  • Carmen Soler (1924–1985), poet, educator, moved to Argentina

  • Dora Acuña (1903–1987), poet, journalist, radio presenter

  • Gladys Carmagnola (born 1939), acclaimed poet, works for adults and children

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About This Tool

Between 1606 and 1767, Paraguay was under colonial rule, isolated from the outside world, and its literature developed more slowly than the rest of Latin America. It took the independence of the 1811 and the establishment of the Republic for Paraguayan literature to take off. Since then, there have been a number of outstanding female writers, with Delicate Minds and keen minds, who have sought to demonstrate to Paraguay that the talents and status of women are not inferior to those of men. The 11 famous female writers recorded by a random tool that emerged during this period also laid the foundation for the later development of female literature in Paraguay.

The emergence of Paraguayan women writers has had a profound impact on Paraguayan literature. They were both representatives of Romantic literature and literary realism, but they all contributed to the development of Paraguayan literature. The generator details when the women were born and what they were good at, some of them better at poetry, some better at novels and essays.

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