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Random Norwegian Women Writersreport

  • Sissel Benneche Osvold (born 1945), journalist (O)

  • Anne-Catharina Vestly (1920–2008), popular children's writer, widely translated (V)

  • Margaret Johansen (1923–2013), novelist, short story writer, feminist (J)

  • Kirsten Sødal (born 1935), children's writer (S)

  • Vera Henriksen (1927–2016), historical novelist, playwright, non-fiction writer (H)

  • Marita Liabø (born 1971), novelist (L)

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About This Tool

Although Norway is now well-off, people living in peace and contentment, life can achieve self-sufficiency. But Norway also has a dark history in the past. During World War II, the war not only displaced people, but also made many people lose their relatives and friends. During this period, many famous female writers emerged, who used the words in their hands as weapons to express their dissatisfaction with the war and their desire for peace.

Then came many women writers in Norway, and a few won the Nobel Prize in Literature because their words were so powerful that they gave the world their faith and their spirit. The random tool recorded 113 of Norway’s most famous female writers, including their birth and death dates, literary genres they were good at. With this generator, you can compile a list of women writers and find a Norwegian country completely different from your own.

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