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Random Polish Women Writersreport

  • Grażyna Miller (1957–2009), poet, critic, translator (M)

  • Maria Ilnicka (c.1825–1897), poet, novelist, translator, journalist (I)

  • Anna Szatkowska (1928–2015), memoirist, wartime experiences written in French (S)

  • Sofija Pšibiliauskienė (1867–1926), sister of Marija Lastauskienė, co-authored some of her works (P)

  • Irena Klepfisz (born 1941), poet, essayist, feminist writer, translator, writing in Yiddish and English (K)

  • Wanda Dynowska (1888–1971), theosophist, non-fiction writer, publisher in India, translator of Polish poetry into English (D)

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About This Tool

Every year, the Nobel Prize stirs up a storm of enthusiasm and anticipation for the Nobel Prize in Literature! In Poland, at least two female writers have won the Nobel Prize in Literature. They play an important role in Polish literature, especially in the creation of novels, and their achievements can not be ignored.

Since the second half of the 19th century, Polish women writers have been observing and thinking women’s lives and reflecting women’s hearts in their own way of thinking. The random tool generated 93 of Poland’s great female writers. Specific information, including the year of their birth, the subject they are good at writing, is recorded in the generator.

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