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Random Moroccan Women Writersreport

  • Laila Lalami (born 1968), Moroccan-American novelist, essayist (L)

  • Maguy Kakon (born 1953), non-fiction writer, women's rights activist (K)

  • Touria Oulehri (1926–2011), novelist, critic (O)

  • Esther Bendahan (born 1964), Moroccan-born Spanish non-fiction writer, novelist (B)

  • Yvette Duval (1931–2006), Moroccan-born French historian specializing in ancient North Africa (D)

  • Soumya Naâmane Guessous, since 1990, best selling non-fiction writer, sociologist, educator (G)

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About This Tool

The Kingdom of Morocco is a coastal Arab state in north-west Africa, bordering Algeria in the East and south-east, Western Sahara in the south, the Atlantic in the West, and Spain and Portugal in the north. In addition to Arabic, there are many local languages in Morocco, and French and Spanish are used together. Many writers, educators, and artists have been born here.

This random tool generator compiles a list of 32 Moroccan Women Writers, Leila Abouzeid, Mririda n’Ait Attik, Hafsa Bekri, Siham Benchekroun, Nadia Chafik, Aïcha Chenna and others are included in the generator. If you want to learn more about Moroccan women writers, Make sure you keep this list.

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