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Random Peruvian Women Writersreport

  • María Jesús Alvarado Rivera (1878–1971), novelist, playwright, journalist, women's rights activist (A)

  • Angélica Palma (1878–1935), novelist, biographer, journalist (P)

  • Isabel Sabogal (born 1958), novelist, poet, translator (S)

  • Ana María Llona Málaga (born 1936), poet (L)

  • Monica Brown (author) (1969-present), children's book author, literature professor (B)

  • Virginia Vargas (born 1945), sociologist (V)

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About This Tool

Before the arrival of the Spanish colonists, Peru had created a splendid Inca culture. Until the first half of the 19th century, Peruvian modern literature was dominated by the Neoclassicism. Romanticism in Peruvian literature began around 1850. This time, also is the Peruvian female writer in succession rises of time. These women writers, who had been kept down at the bottom of society for different reasons such as class, gender and race, were finally able to express their feelings through literature. The generator lists 18 of Peru’s best and most famous women writers.

These women writers are deeply sympathetic to the plight of poor women in Latin America, pay attention to their living conditions and suffering, and export their suffering into literature with their pen. The random tool compiles the birth and death dates and multiple identities of these women writers.

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