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Random Portuguese Women Writersreport

  • Regina Guimarães (born 1957), poet, playwright, lyricist (G)

  • Eugénia Melo e Castro (born 1958), songwriter (M)

  • Maria Judite de Carvalho (1921–1998), novelist, short story writer, poet, playwright (C)

  • Luísa Costa Gomes, chronicler, librettist, novelist, playwright, screenwriter (G)

  • Agustina Bessa-Luís (born 1922), novelist, theatre writer, essayist, children's writer, short story writer (B)

  • Vimala Devi (born 1932), writer, poet, translator (D)

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About This Tool

In 1999, the CARMON Prize was first awarded to a woman writer, the Portuguese poetess Sofia Andresen. The prize for Literature, named after the Portuguese poet Saint Camus, is the most prestigious award in the Portuguese-speaking world and has been awarded to several Portuguese-speaking women writers. The random tool compiled a list of 56 outstanding Portuguese speaking women writers who were active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and were well known in Portugal at the time.

The works of these women writers were later collected into books and even translated into different languages and spread around the world. In the generator, you can see when these women writers were born, and what they were good at, including novels, children’s literature, long and short stories, poems, plays, and so on.  

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