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Random Luxembourg Women Writersreport

  • Josiane Kartheiser (born 1950), journalist, novelist, children's writer, German and Luxembourgish

  • Anne Beffort (1880–1966), educator, literary scholar and writer, supported French culture in Luxembourg

  • Monique Philippart (born 1955), children's writer, writing in German

  • Anne Faber (graduated 2006), journalist, chef, cookbook writer, television personality

  • Nora Wagener (born 1989), short story writer, novelist, playwright, children's writer, writing mainly in German

  • Nathalie Ronvaux (born 1977), poet, playwright

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The Hugo is a literary award for science fiction or fantasy. Each year participants in the World Science Fiction Convention vote for the winner from the previous year’s work. Together with the Nebula Award, it is the most prestigious award of the year in science fiction. It is the Nobel Prize in science fiction. The Hugo Prize was not created to honor the French writer Victor Hugo, but to honor the founder of modern science fiction from Luxembourg, Hugo Gernsback.

The random generator tool collates 19 items, documenting some of Luxembourg’s most famous women writers. Among them were Anne Beffort, Carole Dieschbourg, Germaine Goetzinger, Marianne Majerus, Nathalie Ronvaux, and others.

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