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Random New Zealand Women Writersreport

  • Kathleen Hawkins (1883–1981), poet (H)

  • Catherine Robertson (born 1966), novelist (R)

  • Philippa Ballantine (born 1971), novelist (B)

  • Leilani Tamu, poet (T)

  • Lois Daish (fl. 1960s), restaurateur, cookbook writer (D)

  • Elizabeth Smither (born 1941), poet (S)

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About This Tool

In the middle of last century, New Zealand gradually emerged a lot of female literary talent because of its political stability and tolerance. They show the genius of narrative and the casual racism of New Zealanders, and their creations point to the survival of women, who, in their unique form, it offers a way of literary salvation to the Great Social Problem of Women’s liberation.

A total of 332 New Zealand women writers were included in the random tool generator, who were witty in their insight, compassionate in their satire, and concerned about issues such as culture and class identity. The work of these excellent New Zealand women writers suggests that you take the time to pick out a few and read them to reshape your view of the world.

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