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Random Panamanian Women Writersreport

  • Rosa María Britton (born 1936), novelist, playwright (B)

  • Annabel Miguelena (born 1984), novelist, short story writer, actress (M)

  • Aida González (born 1962), short story writer, medical doctor (G)

  • Elsie Alvarado de Ricord (1928–2005), poet, essayist, biographer, linguist (A)

  • Gloria Guardia (1940–2019), novelist, essayist, short story writer, critic, journalist (G)

  • Susana Richa de Torrijos (born 1924), educator, essayist, politician (R)

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About This Tool

Panama became independent from Colombia in 1903. Until then, the Isthmus’s most accomplished writers had been associated with Colombian literature. The completion of the Panama Canal in 1914 not only gave the New Republic an international status, but also gave its literature an independent national character. Subsequently, a group of excellent female writers emerged, who actively express delicate feelings and feelings through words.

Panamanian literature in the period of independence is mainly represented in modernist poetry. 1 in addition to this, the random tool also collected other topics that these women writers are good at, such as novels, essays, Long and short articles, and so on. The generator collates the 15 women in detail, noting their dates of birth, their subject matter and other areas of expertise.

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