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Random Palestinian Women Writersreport

  • Raymonda Tawil (born 1940), journalist, poet (T)

  • Serene Husseini Shahid (1920–2008), embroidery project leader, non-fiction writer (S)

  • Lama Abu-Odeh (born 1962), Palestinian-American educator, non-fiction writer (A)

  • Najwa Kawar Farah (born 1923), educator, short story writer, playwright, children's writer, novelist (F)

  • Ghada Karmi (born 1939), doctor of medicine, non-fiction writer, columnist (K)

  • Rula Jebreal (born 1973), journalist, novelist, screenwriter (J)

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About This Tool

Palestinian literature after May 1948 is divided into literature in the occupied territories and literature in exile. The early works of the exile zone are tinged with disappointment and homesickness. As liberation movement developed, the tone of the work changed. At that time, a list of famous women writers emerged, and a random tool recorded 28 outstanding women writers, who expressed their tender feelings through words.

Women Writers in Pakistan have written about the difficulty of meeting relatives on both sides of the divide, the bleak mood, the hints that the only way out is to take up arms and fight, and the cries of anger. With the development of armed struggle, the theme and content of the works have become more extensive. From the generator we can see the date of birth of these excellent female writers, their areas of expertise, and the time of publication of their works.

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