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Random Nigerian Women Writersreport

  • Molara Wood (born 1969) journalist, short story writer (W)

  • Charmaine Pereira (active since the 1990s), feminist scholar, non-fiction writer (P)

  • Teresa Meniru (1931–1994), children's writer (T)

  • Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi (born 1963), human rights activist, non-fiction writer (A)

  • Taiwo Odubiyi (born 1965), romance novelist, children's writer, religious columnist (O)

  • P. A. Ogundipe (1927-2020), educator and first Nigerian woman to be published in English (O)

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About This Tool

Nigeria used to be a colonial country and its people lived in dire straits. The more difficult the moment, the more likely to emerge, soldiers, maybe a soldier with a gun, may also be a literary soldier with a pen. The mythic depictions of Africa by these women writers are changing the way young people in other countries think about race, and their imaginations are influenced by both marketing and magic.

The thoughts of these Nigerian women writers are rational and incisive, giving a coherent description of the most important topics of the day, and expressing their personal feelings in their own words. With them, Nigerian literature has made great progress. The random tool generated 59 prominent Nigerian women writers who have been fighting for women’s rights and for the world to see Nigeria as it really is.

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