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Random Peruvian Writersreport

  • Clorinda Matto de Turner (1853–1909), novelist

  • Cesar Vallejo (1892–1938), influential poet, writer, journalist

  • Ciro Alegría (1909–1967), indigenist novelist

  • Carlos Castaneda (1925–1998), literary anthropologist

  • Federico Barreto (1862–1929), poet

  • Angélica Palma (1878–1935), writer, journalist and biographer

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About This Tool

Peruvian writers include outstanding novelists, poets, and writers, some of whom have won Nobel Prize in Literature. Their works are often critical of military, political and theocratic regimes, exposing the evils of the times, but at the same time, they also show deep sympathy for the Latin American people who are suffering, paying attention to their living conditions and suffering, from the perspective of male writers to write the fate of the people in good faith. There are 42 Peruvian writers with this kind of care, and random tool preserves them intact.

Peru also has many good writers whose names, literary genres, dates of birth and death are included in the generator. Most of these writers are well-educated and have displayed prodigious talents from a young age. Although they do not carry guns, the pen in their hands is the best weapon, providing a comprehensive and detailed picture of the current situation in Peru and Latin America as a whole.

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