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  • Rani Manicka, since 2003, best selling novelist (M)

  • Fatimah Busu (born 1943), novelist, short story writer, critic, educator (B)

  • Chuah Guat Eng (born 1943), English-language novelist (G)

  • Suriani Abdullah (1924–2013), historian, memoirist (A)

  • Che Husna Azhari (born 1955), short story writer, educator (A)

  • Azalia Suhaimi (born 1985), poet, photographer (S)

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About This Tool

“The concept of ‘home’ in my mind is not regional or national or territorial, but spiritual. Because I feel very strongly about the existence of Chinese cultural blood, I can say that I am very sure about my spiritual home, ” said Dai Xiaohua, a well-known Chinese woman writer in Malaysia.

Dai Xiaohua, originally from Cangzhou, Hebei, was born in Taiwan and settled in Kuala Lumpur. In the late 1980s, he wrote a play, “Sand City”, which reflected the storm of the Malaysian stock market at that time. His works include drama, criticism, prose, non-fiction novel, novels, essays, etc.

The random generator tool collates 19 items and documents Malaysian Women Writers. They include Suriani Abdullah, Adibah Amin, Fatimah Busu, Khasnor Johan, Margaret Lim, Hilary Tham, Dina Zamand others.

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