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Random Republic Of The Congo Writersreport

  • Florence Lina Mouissou (1972– ), novelist

  • Jeannette Balou Tchichelle (1947–2005)

  • Lassy Mbouity (1988– )

  • Martial Sinda (c.1930– )[Jahn]

  • Marie-Leontine Tsibinda

  • Tchicaya U Tam'si (1931–1988)[Jahn]

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About This Tool

The Republic of the Congo has many classic writers, but a few have won the Nobel Prize. Based on what they had seen and heard in Congo, they kept detailed records of what had happened in Congo over the years, and published them in a collection. Since their publication, these works have been hailed as anti-colonial classics, fully reflecting the life of the Congolese people. A total of 23 well known realistic writers were recorded in a random tool.

They are very different in style and the content of their works is different. Some are good at novel subject matter, some describe prose, poetry. But they all grew up in the Congo and have seen the country grow along the way. Use the generator to see the list of authors, as well as their date and place of birth. These people have redefined the world’s view of the Congo and presented it in its entirety to the world.

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