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Random Mexican Women Writersreport

  • Sanjuana Martínez (born 1963), journalist, non-fiction writer (M)

  • Francesca Gargallo (born 1956), Italian-born Mexican novelist, poet (G)

  • Malva Flores (born 1961), poet, short story writer, essayist (F)

  • María Anna Águeda de San Ignacio (1695–1756), nun, respected religious writer (A)

  • Lourdes Urrea (born 1954), poet, novelist, young adult writer (U)

  • Cristina Rivera Garza (born 1964), novelist, short story writer, poet, non-fiction writer, translator (R)

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About This Tool

Mexican Indian nations have long had a splendid culture. They have used pictures and Pictogram to record many myths and legends, travelogue, and observation of social life and natural phenomena, but most of them have been lost, only in the oral spread of many folk songs and myths. It was later collated in Latin by Indian scholars and Spanish priests and is still preserved today.

Mexico has many famous female authors such as Pita Amor, Brigitte Alexander, Ikram Antaki, Rowena Bali, Lydia Cacho, Amparo d ÁVILA, etc. . They use words to express their feelings, express their love and yearning for Mexico. The random tool generates 133 items, so if you’re interested, check out this randomizer.

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