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Random Puerto Rican Women Writersreport

  • Gilda Galán (1917–2009), actress, playwright, poet (G)

  • Magali García Ramis (born 1946), short story writer, journalist, novelist, essayist (G)

  • Lourdes Vázquez, since the 1980s, short story writer, novelist, poet essayist (V)

  • Teresita A. Levy (born 1970), educator, historian, author of The History of Tobacco Cultivation in Puerto Rico, 1898-1940. (L)

  • Zoé Jiménez Corretjer, since the 1980s: poet, short story writer, essayist (J)

  • Alejandrina Benítez de Gautier (1819–1879), poet (B)

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About This Tool

Puerto Rico is a small island in the West Indies, with an area of 9,104 square kilometers and a population of about 3.6 million. It is a free commonwealth of the United States. Although the country is small, it has trained many well-known female writers for the Latin American literary world. In response to these women writers, contemporary Latin American literary circles have commented that the only criterion for judging the quality of literary works is the intrinsic ideological and artistic value of the works and their impact on the literary creation of their contemporaries and future generations, not gender.

The themes of these female writers’ works are diverse and complicated. The traditional literary mode should be broken down. The present and past tense in the works should be balanced to let humanity and humanity shine forth. The generator tool randomly selected a list of 43 very good Puerto Rican women writers, noting when they were born, what fields they excelled in, and what genre they wrote.

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