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    [Name]: Hell's Half Acre Lava Field
    [Image]: Hell's Half Acre Lava Field
    [Date]: 1976
    [Location]: Blackfoot43°30′N 112°27′W / 43.5°N 112.45°W / 43.5; -112.45 (Hell's Half Acre Lava Field)
    [County]: Bingham, Bonneville
    [Ownership]: federal (Bureau of Land Management)
    [Description]: Fully exposed pahoehoe lava flow.

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    [Name]: Niagara Springs
    [Image]: Niagara Springs
    [Date]: 1980
    [Location]: Hagerman42°51′28″N 114°52′35″W / 42.85778°N 114.87639°W / 42.85778; -114.87639 (Niagara Springs)
    [County]: Gooding
    [Ownership]: private
    [Description]: Least developed of the large springs discharging into the Snake River from the Snake River plain aquifer system.

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    [Name]: Menan Buttes
    [Image]: North Menan Butte
    [Date]: 1980
    [Location]: Menan43°36′N 111°30′W / 43.6°N 111.5°W / 43.6; -111.5 (Menan Buttes)
    [County]: Jefferson, Madison
    [Ownership]: federal (Bureau of Land Management)
    [Description]: Contains outstanding examples of glass tuff cones, which are found in only a few places in the world.

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    [Name]: Big Springs
    [Image]: Big Springs, Idaho.jpg
    [Date]: 1980
    [Location]: Island Park44°30′01″N 111°15′19″W / 44.500278°N 111.255278°W / 44.500278; -111.255278 (Big Springs)
    [County]: Fremont
    [Ownership]: federal (Caribou-Targhee National Forest)
    [Description]: The only first-magnitude spring in the country that issues forth from rhyolitic lava flows.

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    [Name]: Sheep Rock
    [Image]: Sheep Rock
    [Date]: 1976
    [Location]: Council45°11′30″N 116°40′17″W / 45.191651°N 116.67132°W / 45.191651; -116.67132 (Sheep Rock)
    [County]: Adams
    [Ownership]: federal (Payette National Forest)
    [Description]: Horizontally layered lavas that represent successive flows on the Columbia River Basalt Plateau.

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    [Name]: Great Rift of Idaho
    [Image]: Kings Bowl and Great Rift from air.jpg
    [Date]: 1968
    [Location]: Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve43°27′42″N 113°33′46″W / 43.46167°N 113.56278°W / 43.46167; -113.56278 (Great Rift)
    [County]: Blaine, Minidoka, Power
    [Ownership]: federal (Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve)
    [Description]: A tensional fracture in the Earth's crust.

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Northwestern United States, Idaho. It borders British Columbia in the North, Utah and Nevada in the South, Montana and Wyoming in the East, Washington and Oregon in the West. It covers an area of 2,164,13km, equivalent to the total area of six New England states. Capital city, Boise. “Idaho” comes from the Indian word for “Mountain Gem. ”. The term was originally used to refer specifically to the gem mining areas within Pax peak, Colorado, and later to the gem mining areas along the Pacific coast. Idaho became the name of the state when it was founded.

Early Kutenai, Kildaron, nezpel Serbs, paiute and Shawnee tribes such as the residence. Multi-cultural integration has produced a lot of beautiful natural and cultural heritage here. Random tool generator collates a total of 11 Idaho National Natural landmarks. If you want to travel here, check out the random tools first.

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