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    [Name]: Heath Pond Bog
    [Image]: NH Heath.Pond.Bog 1024x682 edit nll.nps.jpg
    [Date]: 1972
    [Location]: 43°45′34″N 71°06′59″W / 43.759423°N 71.116465°W / 43.759423; -71.116465 (Heath Pond Bog)
    [County]: Carroll
    [Ownership]: State
    [Description]: A classic example of bog succession from open water to sphagnum-heath-black spruce bog.

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    [Name]: Nancy Brook Virgin Spruce Forest and Scenic Area
    [Date]: 1987
    [County]: Carroll, Grafton
    [Ownership]: Federal
    [Description]: May be the largest virgin forest tract in the northeastern United States. A part of White Mountain National Forest.

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    [Name]: Madison Boulder Natural Area
    [Image]: Madison Boulder
    [Date]: 1970
    [Location]: 43°56′00″N 71°09′46″W / 43.93329°N 71.162671°W / 43.93329; -71.162671 (Madison Boulder Natural Area)
    [County]: Carroll
    [Ownership]: State
    [Description]: The largest known glacial erratic in North America.

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    [Name]: White Lake Pitch Pine
    [Date]: 1980
    [Location]: 43°50′09″N 71°12′32″W / 43.8359°N 71.2089°W / 43.8359; -71.2089 (White Lake Pitch Pine)
    [County]: Carroll
    [Ownership]: State
    [Description]: A mature, undisturbed pitch pine and bear-oak forest.

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    [Name]: Franconia Notch
    [Image]: Franconia Notch
    [Date]: 1971
    [Location]: Franconia 44°10′15″N 71°41′17″W / 44.1707°N 71.6881°W / 44.1707; -71.6881
    [County]: Grafton
    [Ownership]: State
    [Description]: An old stream valley, ground to a U-shape by glacial movement.

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    [Name]: Floating Island
    [Date]: 1972
    [County]: Coos
    [Ownership]: Federal
    [Description]: A floating heath bog in Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge.

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New Hampshire, a state in the New England region of the United States, is known as the “Granite State” because it is rich in granite. The 1622 named the Area New Hampshire because its captain was from Hampshire, England.

The Golden Triangle is New Hampshire’s main economic zone, stretching from Manchester in the north to Nashua in the south and Portsmouth in the east. With a port and access to Boston’s 128, transportation was easy and industry was booming. The State is one of the most industrialized in the country. The electronics, chemical and mechanical industries employ the most people. 11 early national landmarks are included in this random tool generator for those interested in the state.

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