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    [Name]: Cason J. Calloway Memorial Forest
    [Date]: 1972
    [County]: Harris
    [Ownership]: private
    [Description]: An outstanding example of transitional conditions between eastern deciduous and southern coniferous forest types.

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    [Name]: Ebenezer Creek Swamp
    [Date]: 1976
    [County]: Effingham
    [Ownership]: private
    [Description]: The best remaining cypress-gum swamp forest in the Savannah River basin.

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    [Name]: Heggie's Rock
    [Image]: 33°32′30″N 82°15′13″W / 33.541610°N 82.253630°W / 33.541610; -82.253630 (Heggie's Rock)
    [Date]: 1980
    [County]: Columbia
    [Ownership]: county, private (The Nature Conservancy)
    [Description]: The best example in eastern North America of the remarkable endemic flora restricted to granite outcrops.

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    [Name]: Wade Tract Preserve
    [Date]: 2014
    [Location]: 30°45′N 84°00′W / 30.75°N 84°W / 30.75; -84 (Wade Tract Preserve)
    [County]: Thomas
    [Ownership]: private
    [Description]: Old growth longleaf pine savanna.

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    [Name]: Marshall Forest
    [Image]: Marshall forest1.jpg
    [Date]: 1966
    [Location]: Rome34°15′03″N 85°11′43″W / 34.250898°N 85.195375°W / 34.250898; -85.195375 (Marshall Forest)
    [County]: Floyd
    [Ownership]: private
    [Description]: A loblolly pine-shortleaf pine forest believed to have originated following an intense fire at about the time the Cherokee Indians were forcibly removed to Oklahoma.

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    [Name]: Panola Mountain
    [Image]: Panola.JPG
    [Date]: 1980
    [Location]: 33°38′07″N 84°10′13″W / 33.635278°N 84.170278°W / 33.635278; -84.170278 (Panola Mountain)
    [County]: Rockdale
    [Ownership]: state (Department of Natural Resources)
    [Description]: The most natural and undisturbed monadnock of exposed granitic rock in the Piedmont biophysiographic province.

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The Democratic Republic of Georgia was the first modern state founded by the Georgian people. Georgia was one of Union Republic of the Soviet Union of the Soviet Union, part of the Russian empire before joining it, and briefly independent for about four years (1918-1922) after the February 1918 revolution under the name of the Democratic Republic of Georgia.

Relations between Georgia and his neighbours are tense. There have been numerous military skirmishes with Armenia, Anton Ivanovich Denikin’s white army, and the Azerbaijan over territorial disputes. Britain sent a mission to try to mediate the integration of all anti-bolshevik forces. Despite the war, many people choose to travel here. If you’re looking for a random natural landmark here, the generator tool helps you organize 11 items, Marshall Forest, Okefenokee Swamp, Panola Mountain, Wassaw Island and more.

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