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    [Name]: Nay Aug Park Gorge and Waterfall
    [Image]: Falls in Nay Aug Park, Scranton, Pa-LCCN2008678122.jpg
    [Date]: 1989
    [Location]: 41°24′05″N 75°38′34″W / 41.401389°N 75.642778°W / 41.401389; -75.642778 (Nay Aug Park Gorge and Waterfall)
    [County]: Lackawanna
    [Ownership]: public/municipal
    [Description]: Located in an urban park, it features a rock-strewn, heavily wooded gorge.

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    [Name]: Tamarack Swamp
    [Image]: TamarackSwampNNL.jpg
    [Date]: 1977
    [Location]: 41°59′20″N 79°33′18″W / 41.989°N 79.555°W / 41.989; -79.555 (Tamarack Swamp)
    [County]: Warren
    [Ownership]: public/state
    [Description]: An acidic kettle pond bog.

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    [Name]: McConnells Mill State Park
    [Image]: McConnells Mill State Park Hells Hollow Falls.jpg
    [Date]: 1972
    [Location]: 40°55′36″N 80°11′24″W / 40.926667°N 80.19°W / 40.926667; -80.19 (McConnells Mill State Park)
    [County]: Lawrence
    [Ownership]: public/state
    [Description]: Protects 2,546 acres (1,030 ha) of the Slippery Rock Creek gorge, including several waterfalls.

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    [Name]: Florence Jones Reineman Wildlife Sanctuary
    [Date]: 1973
    [Location]: 40°16′0″N 77°16′0″W / 40.26667°N 77.26667°W / 40.26667; -77.26667 (Florence Jones Reineman Wildlife Sanctuary)
    [County]: Cumberland Perry
    [Ownership]: private/family trust
    [Description]: Contains a 3,100-acre (1,255 ha) diverse ecological community.

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    [Name]: Hemlocks Natural Area
    [Date]: 1972
    [Location]: 40°14′18″N 77°38′29″W / 40.238418°N 77.641379°W / 40.238418; -77.641379 (Hemlocks Natural Area)
    [County]: Perry
    [Ownership]: public/state Tuscarora State Forest
    [Description]: Features numerous old growth hemlock trees.

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    [Name]: Hearts Content Scenic Area
    [Image]: Hearts Content Scenic Area (10) (8929491726).jpg
    [Date]: 1973 or 1977
    [Location]: 41°41′28″N 79°15′14″W / 41.691°N 79.254°W / 41.691; -79.254 (Hearts Content National Scenic Area)
    [County]: Warren
    [Ownership]: public/federal Allegheny National Forest
    [Description]: An old-growth white pine forest of 120 acres (49 ha).

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a state of the Northeastern United States, one of the 13 states. Pennsylvania is bounded by Lake Erie in the northwest, New York in the North and Northeast, New Jersey in the east, Delaware in the southeast, Maryland in the south, West Virginia in the southwest, and Ohio in the West. 1787 became the second State to join the Union when the Constitution was ratified on December 12. Known for its religious freedom and political democracy since its inception, the state has had a strong influence in North America.

Many important chapters in American history were written in Pennsylvania. Because the state is located in the middle of 13 states (six in the north and six in the south) , together with the state’s central role in the independence of the United States, the “keystone state” known. Bear Meadows Natural Area, Huckleberry Site, Cook Forest State Park, Pine Creek Gorge and many other famous American tourist attractions are also located in Pennsylvania. More details can be found in the 26 entries collated by the random tool generator.

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