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    [Name]: Mount Mansfield
    [Image]: Mount Mansfield
    [Date]: 1980
    [Location]: 44°32′38″N 72°48′52″W / 44.543947°N 72.81431°W / 44.543947; -72.81431 (Mount Mansfield)
    [County]: Chittenden, Lamoille
    [Ownership]: state
    [Description]: Contains a virgin, red spruce- balsam fir forest, extensive alpine tundra, and rare arctic flora not found elsewhere in the northeast.

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    [Name]: Chazy Fossil Reef
    [Image]: Chazy Reef Isle La Motte.jpg
    [Date]: 2009
    [Location]: 44°51′10″N 73°20′24″W / 44.8528°N 73.34°W / 44.8528; -73.34 (Chazy Fossil Reef)
    [County]: Grand Isle
    [Ownership]: mixed- federal, state, private
    [Description]: The oldest known occurrence of a biologically diverse fossil reef in the world.

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    [Name]: Molly Bog
    [Date]: 1973
    [County]: Lamoille
    [Ownership]: mixed- state, private
    [Description]: A classic, early successional, cold northern bog.

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    [Name]: Fisher-Scott Memorial Pines
    [Date]: 1976
    [County]: Bennington
    [Ownership]: state
    [Description]: An old-growth stand of white pine.

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    [Name]: Franklin Bog
    [Date]: 1973
    [County]: Franklin
    [Ownership]: private
    [Description]: A cold, northern sphagnum-heath bog.

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    [Name]: Barton River Marsh
    [Date]: 1973
    [County]: Orleans
    [Ownership]: state
    [Description]: A large, shallow, freshwater marsh considered one of the best in New England.

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Vermont is a state in the Northeastern United States. It is bounded by Massachusetts in the south, New York in the West, Quebec in the north, and Connecticut River in the East. Capital city, Montpellier. The State takes its name from the French “Monts Verts” , which means “Green Mountains” .

The capital, Montpellier, is also named after the French city of the same name. Vermont | [US state] is known for his beautiful scenery, dairy products, Maple Syrup and radical politics. There are 12 national landmarks, Camel’s Hump, Cornwall Marsh, Franklin Bog, Gifford Woods, etc. . Of course, finding them is going to take some research, so come on down to the random tool generator, and we’ll have all the details ready for you.

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