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  • [Name]: Lake Shasta Caverns
    [Image]: Lake Shasta Caverns
    [Date]: May 2012
    [Location]: 40°48′16.2″N 122°18′15.98″W / 40.804500°N 122.3044389°W / 40.804500; -122.3044389
    [County]: Shasta
    [Ownership]: Private
    [Description]: A well-decorated Solutional cave that contains a diverse assemblage of calcite cave formations.

  • [Name]: La Brea Tar Pits (Rancho La Brea)
    [Image]: USA tar bubble la brea CA.jpg
    [Date]: 1964
    [Location]: 34°3′46.62″N 118°21′21.49″W / 34.0629500°N 118.3559694°W / 34.0629500; -118.3559694
    [County]: Los Angeles
    [Ownership]: Municipal (City of Los Angeles)
    [Description]: Site of the world-famous natural asphalt tar pits.

  • [Name]: Rainbow Basin
    [Image]: Rainbow Basin syncline
    [Date]: 1966
    [Location]: 35°1′46″N 117°2′12″W / 35.02944°N 117.03667°W / 35.02944; -117.03667
    [County]: San Bernardino
    [Ownership]: Federal (Bureau of Land Management)
    [Description]: Deep erosion canyons with rugged rims with fossil evidence of insects and Miocene mammals.

  • [Name]: San Felipe Creek Area
    [Date]: 1974
    [Location]: 33°10′11″N 115°49′19″W / 33.16972°N 115.82194°W / 33.16972; -115.82194
    [County]: Imperial, San Diego
    [Ownership]: Federal (Bureau of Land Management), state
    [Description]: A marsh containing probably the last remaining perennial natural desert stream in the Colorado Desert region.

  • [Name]: Turtle Mountain
    [Image]: Turtle Mountains (California)
    [Date]: 1973
    [Location]: 34°19′5.53″N 114°51′7.28″W / 34.3182028°N 114.8520222°W / 34.3182028; -114.8520222
    [County]: San Bernardino
    [Ownership]: Federal (Bureau of Land Management), state
    [Description]: Contains two mountain sections of entirely different composition.

  • [Name]: Fish Slough Area of Critical Environmental Concern
    [Date]: 1975
    [Location]: 37°28′8.69″N 118°24′3.1″W / 37.4690806°N 118.400861°W / 37.4690806; -118.400861
    [County]: Inyo, Mono
    [Ownership]: Mixed- federal (Bureau of Land Management), state, municipal
    [Description]: A large, essentially undisturbed, desert wetland that provides habitat for the alkali mariposa lily and the endangered Owens pupfish.

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State of California is a State on the Western Pacific coast of the United States. The State government is located in Sacramento. It is bordered by Oregon in the north, Nevada and Arizona in the East, Mexico in the South and the Pacific in the West. With an area of 41,101,300 km, it takes its name from the name of a small island in Spanish legend.

Redwood National Park in the Northwest Corner of California; Yosemite National Park and Kings Canyon National Park in the foothills west of the eastern Sierra Nevada; Death Valley National Park and Joshua Tree National Park in the southeast. World-famous “Hollywood” and “Silicon Valley” are in the state. If you’re looking for a random Baja California, the generator tool helps you organize 36 items, such as Amboy Crater, a ño Nuevo State Reserve, Anza-Borrego Desert, Audubon Canyon and other natural surface details.

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