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    [Name]: Red River Gorge
    [Image]: Red River Gorge
    [Date]: 1975
    [Location]: 37°50′02″N 83°36′28″W / 37.833889°N 83.607778°W / 37.833889; -83.607778 (Red River Gorge)
    [County]: Menifee, Powell, Wolfe
    [Ownership]: federal (Daniel Boone National Forest)
    [Description]: Contains examples of many geological formations, including 41 natural bridges.

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    [Name]: Lilley Cornett Woods
    [Date]: 1971
    [Location]: 37°05′16″N 82°59′33″W / 37.087865°N 82.992453°W / 37.087865; -82.992453 (Lilley Cornett Woods)
    [County]: Letcher
    [Ownership]: state (Eastern Kentucky University)
    [Description]: Virgin tract of mixed mesophytic forest.

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    [Name]: Rock Creek Research Natural Area
    [Date]: 1975
    [Location]: 37°17′17″N 83°52′31″W / 37.288056°N 83.875278°W / 37.288056; -83.875278 (Daniel Boone National Forest)
    [County]: Laurel
    [Ownership]: federal (Daniel Boone National Forest)
    [Description]: One of the few virgin hemlock hardwood forests remaining in Kentucky.

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    [Name]: Henderson Sloughs
    [Date]: 1974
    [Location]: 37°51′38″N 87°46′48″W / 37.860445°N 87.780100°W / 37.860445; -87.780100 (Henderson Sloughs)
    [County]: Henderson, Union
    [Ownership]: state (Dept. of Fish & Wildlife)
    [Description]: One of the largest wetlands remaining in Kentucky

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    [Name]: Ohio Coral Reef
    [Image]: Fossil beds on the Ohio River.JPG
    [Date]: 1966
    [Location]: 38°16′36″N 85°45′56″W / 38.27665°N 85.76544°W / 38.27665; -85.76544 (Falls of the Ohio National Wildlife Conservation Area)
    [County]: Jefferson
    [Ownership]: federal (Falls of the Ohio National Wildlife Conservation Area)
    [Description]: A classic example of a Silurian and Devonian coral community. Extends into Indiana.

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    [Name]: Big Bone Lick
    [Date]: 2009
    [Location]: 38°53′13″N 84°44′52″W / 38.886944°N 84.747778°W / 38.886944; -84.747778 (Big Bone Lick State Park)
    [County]: Boone
    [Ownership]: state (Big Bone Lick State Park)
    [Description]: Combination of salt springs and associated Late Pleistocene bone beds. Also on the mighty Ohio River.

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About This Tool

Kentucky was part of Virginia at the time of the American Revolution until 1792 broke away from Virginia to become fifteen states. Kentucky is famous for its thoroughbreds and whiskey. Kentucky, nicknamed the Blue Grass State, is a 40,500-square-mile (105000-square-kilometer) area of the east-central United States with latitude between 36 and 39 degrees north.

Kentucky is one of the top three coal mines in the United States with 168.5 million tons of coal; Quanzhou County has 23,000 oil wells producing 4 million barrels a year, mostly in western Kenya; and produces about 73 billion cubic feet of natural gas a year. The random tool generates a total of 7 views representing Kentucky’s national landmarks, which I believe will help you get a clearer picture of the state.

Click the "Display All Items" button and you will get a list of National Natural Landmarks in Kentucky.

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