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    [Name]: Marvel Cave
    [Image]: Marvel Cave.JPG
    [Date]: 1972
    [Location]: 36°40′03″N 93°20′23″W / 36.6675°N 93.3397°W / 36.6675; -93.3397 (Marvel Cave)
    [County]: Stone
    [Ownership]: private
    [Description]: Includes one of the greatest dripstone units of all the Ozark caves.

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    [Name]: Carroll Cave
    [Date]: 1977
    [County]: Camden
    [Ownership]: private
    [Description]: Contains a dendritic system of subsurface karst streams and tributaries.

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    [Name]: Tucker Prairie
    [Date]: 1975
    [County]: Callaway
    [Ownership]: private
    [Description]: A virgin tall grass prairie occurring within the transition zone between the oak-hickory forest and typical tall grass prairie.

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    [Name]: Cupola Pond
    [Date]: 1974
    [County]: Ripley
    [Ownership]: federal
    [Description]: One of the most ancient sinkhole ponds in the Ozark plateaus. Located in Mark Twain National Forest.

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    [Name]: Tumbling Creek Cave
    [Date]: 1980
    [County]: Taney
    [Ownership]: private
    [Description]: Contains the most diverse fauna known for any cave west of the Mississippi River.

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    [Name]: Taberville Prairie
    [Image]: Taberville Prairie Conservation Area.jpg
    [Date]: 1975
    [County]: St. Clair
    [Ownership]: state
    [Description]: One of the largest remaining virgin tall grass prairies.

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Missouri is the 24th State in the Midwestern Sectional Figure Skating Championships. Missouri is home to the famous American writer Mark Twain. Missouri was founded on August 10 1821 as one of the new states created by the Louisiana Purchase from new land purchases with France.

Topographically, much of Missouri is flat plains and hills, with the Missouri River and Mississippi rivers running through the state’s western and eastern borders. Famous cultural sites such as Golden Prairie, Grand Gulf State Park, Greer Spring, Carroll Cave, and others are all in Missouri. Of course, if you want to find the exact coordinates, geographic locations, and reference images of these national landmarks, the random tool generator helps you organize 16 items, which will give you.

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