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    [Name]: Flat Creek Natural Area and 40 Acre Rock
    [Image]: SC Flat Creek NA.JPG
    [Date]: August 1984
    [Location]: Kershaw 34°40′8″N 80°31′38″W / 34.66889°N 80.52722°W / 34.66889; -80.52722 (Flat Creek Natural Area and 40 Acre Rock)
    [County]: Lancaster
    [Ownership]: state
    [Description]: Contains the largest remaining undisturbed granitic flat-rock outcrop in the Carolina Piedmont. Flat-rock vegetation is in good condition, including 13 rare or endemic species and 20 other species characteristic of these outcrops. Flat Creek Dike is one of the thickest in eastern North America at 1,123 ft (342 m). Part of 40 Acre Rock Heritage Preserve.

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    [Name]: John de la Howe Forest
    [Image]: SC John DeLa Howe.jpg
    [Date]: January 1976
    [Location]: McCormick 33°56′N 82°24′W / 33.933°N 82.400°W / 33.933; -82.400 (John de la Howe Forest)
    [County]: McCormick
    [Ownership]: state
    [Description]: An old-growth stand of oak-pine forest protected against fire and timbering since 1797, and one of the best remaining examples of this type of forest in the Piedmont.

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    [Name]: Congaree River Swamp
    [Image]: SC Congaree Swamp River.jpg
    [Date]: May 1974
    [Location]: Columbia 33°47′N 80°47′W / 33.783°N 80.783°W / 33.783; -80.783 (Congaree River Swamp)
    [County]: Richland
    [Ownership]: federal
    [Description]: The most extensive, mature cypress-gum swamp and bottomland hardwood forest complex in the State and a sanctuary for wildlife. Part of Congaree National Park.

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    [Name]: St. Phillips Island
    [Image]: SC St Phillips Island.JPG
    [Date]: May 1986
    [Location]: Beaufort 32°17′N 80°37′W / 32.283°N 80.617°W / 32.283; -80.617 (St. Phillips Island)
    [County]: Beaufort
    [Ownership]: private
    [Description]: This barrier island is approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) in length and 2 miles (3.2 km) wide. It is unique among the barrier islands of Georgia, South Carolina and northern Florida, because it exists in a nearly undisturbed state with minimal development and past consumptive use; it is also unique to the entire Atlantic Coast for the pronounced multiple vegetated beach dune ridges found here.

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    [Name]: Stevens Creek Natural Area
    [Image]: SC Stevens Creek NA.JPG
    [Date]: March 1979
    [Location]: Plum Branch 33°50′39″N 82°13′27″W / 33.84417°N 82.22417°W / 33.84417; -82.22417 (Stevens Creek Natural Area)
    [County]: McCormick
    [Ownership]: state
    [Description]: Pleistocene relict ecosystem harboring flora considered unusual for its combination of plants in this southern location due to unique microenvironmental conditions. Part of Stevens Creek Heritage Preserve.

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    [Name]: Francis Beidler Forest
    [Image]: SC Francis Beidler Forest.JPG
    [Date]: March 1979
    [Location]: Harleyville 33°14′N 80°21′W / 33.233°N 80.350°W / 33.233; -80.350 (Francis Beidler Forest)
    [County]: Berkeley & Dorchester
    [Ownership]: private
    [Description]: One of the last large virgin stands of bald cypress-tupelo gum swamp in the United States, with five major community types providing for a rich diversity of species.

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A state of southeast South Carolina bounded by North Carolina in the north and northeast and the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast. It has a coastline of 4,200 kilometers and a southwest border with Georgia. The outline of the state is triangular. With an area of 80,432 square kilometers, it ranks 40th in the 50 states. Population 4321249(2006). Capital City, Columbia City.

The State is divided into coastal plain and Appalachian Mountains natural areas. The coastal plain covers about two-thirds of the state. The Outer Plains were the first settled areas of the state, known locally as lowlands. The Congaree River Swamp was listed as a national natural landmark in May 1974 in Richland City, Columbia 33 ° 47′ N 80 ° 47′ W. If you want detailed information about natural landmarks in several other countries, check out this random tool generator, which collates the details of all 6.

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