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    [Name]: Upper Red Lake Peatland
    [Image]: Big Bog State Recreation Area.jpg
    [Date]: 1975
    [Location]: 48°11′34″N 94°30′43″W / 48.19278°N 94.51194°W / 48.19278; -94.51194
    [County]: Beltrami
    [Ownership]: mixed- federal, state, private, native
    [Description]: One of the largest peatlands remaining in the conterminous United States.

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    [Name]: Cedar Creek Natural History Area
    [Image]: CedarBogLake-EastBethel-MN.jpg
    [Date]: 1975
    [Location]: 45°24′7.29″N 93°11′57.85″W / 45.4020250°N 93.1994028°W / 45.4020250; -93.1994028
    [County]: Anoka, Isanti
    [Ownership]: mixed- state, private
    [Description]: A relatively undisturbed area where tall grass prairie, eastern deciduous forest and boreal coniferous forest biomes meet.

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    [Name]: Lac la Croix Research Natural Area
    [Date]: 1980
    [Location]: 48°20′N 92°7′W / 48.333°N 92.117°W / 48.333; -92.117
    [County]: St. Louis
    [Ownership]: federal (Superior National Forest)
    [Description]: Old-growth virgin pine forests.

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    [Name]: Ancient River Warren Channel
    [Image]: Browns Valley flood 07.jpg
    [Date]: 1966
    [Location]: 45°35′6″N 96°49′48″W / 45.58500°N 96.83000°W / 45.58500; -96.83000
    [County]: Big Stone
    [Ownership]: mixed- state, private
    [Description]: A channel cut by the Ancient River Warren during the Ice Age. Extends into South Dakota.

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    [Name]: Lake Agassiz Peatlands Natural Area
    [Date]: 1965
    [Location]: 48°02′13″N 93°28′30″W / 48.037°N 93.475°W / 48.037; -93.475
    [County]: Koochiching
    [Ownership]: state
    [Description]: An example of the extensive peatlands occupying the bed of ancient glacial Lake Agassiz.

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    [Name]: Keeley Creek Natural Area
    [Date]: 1965
    [Location]: 47°47′23.5″N 91°42′22.52″W / 47.789861°N 91.7062556°W / 47.789861; -91.7062556
    [County]: Lake
    [Ownership]: federal (Superior National Forest)
    [Description]: A large tract of undisturbed mixed pine and black spruce forest.

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Minnesota is bordered by Canada’s Manitoba and Ontario to the north, Lake Superior to the east, the Mississippi River to Wisconsin to the south, Iowa to the south, and North and South Dakota to the West. The northernmost point of the continental United States (49 degrees, 23 minutes north latitude) is in the state, hence Minnesota is also known as the North Star State. Minnesota is also known as the Thousand Lakes State because of its large number of inland lakes. With an area of 219,000 square kilometers, it ranks 12th in the 50 states. Population 5167101(2006). The capital is Sao Paulo.

Minnesota is an Indian word meaning “Milky Blue Water. ”. Originally inhabited by the Chippewa and Sioux Indians. Minnesota has 8 national landmarks, Cedar Creek Natural History Area, Ancient River Warren Channel, Keeley Creek Natural Area, Lake Agassiz Peatlands Natural Area, and more. If you want to find specific geographic locations, coordinates, cities, and so on for different landmarks, the random tool generator is very detailed.

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