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  • [Site]: Northern Cave Temples
    [Chinese name]:

    Běishíkū sì

    [Location]: Qingyang
    [Designation]: 3-43
    [Image]: Upload file

  • [Site]: Yongchang Bell and Drum Tower
    [Chinese name]:

    Yǒngchāng zhōng gǔlóu

    [Location]: Yongchang County
    [Designation]: 6-802
    [Image]: Upload file

  • [Site]: Huoshaogou Site
    [Chinese name]:

    Huǒshāogōu yízhǐ

    [Location]: Yumen
    [Designation]: 6-206
    [Image]: Upload file

  • [Site]: Prince of Wukang Temple
    [Chinese name]:

    Wǔkāng wáng miào

    [Location]: Chongxin County
    [Designation]: 5-436
    [Image]: Upload file

  • [Site]: Yuquan Temple
    [Chinese name]:

    Yùquán guān

    [Location]: Tianshui
    [Designation]: 6-795
    [Image]: Upload file

  • [Site]: White Pagoda Temple
    [Chinese name]:

    Báitǎ sì yízhǐ

    [Location]: Wuwei
    [Designation]: 5-125
    [Image]: Upload file

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The intangible cultural heritage is an important part of the cultural heritage, which contains the unique spiritual value, mode of thinking, imagination and cultural consciousness of the Chinese nation, and embodies the vitality and creativity of the Chinese nation. Strengthening the protection of the intangible cultural heritage and passing on national culture is an important cultural foundation for connecting national sentiments, promoting national unity and maintaining national unity and social stability, it is of great significance to construct the advanced socialist culture and realize the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of our province’s economy and society.

A random generator tool was used to compile 71 entries, including Mogao Caves, Yulin Caves, Maijishan Grottoes, Bingling Temple Grottoes, Great Wall at the Jiayu Pass, Labrang Monastery, etc. 

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