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Random Major National Historical And Cultural Sites In Sichuanreport

  • [Site]: Residence of Liu Wencai
    [Chinese name]: Liushi zhuangyuan 刘氏庄园
    [Location]: Dayi County 大邑县
    [Designation]: 4-212
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  • [Site]: Lifeng Guan
    [Chinese name]: Lifeng guan 醴峰观
    [Location]: Nanbu County 南部县
    [Designation]: 6-709
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  • [Site]: Pujiang Caves
    [Chinese name]: Pujiang shiku 蒲江石窟
    [Location]: Pujiang County 蒲江县
    [Designation]: 6-853
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  • [Site]: Xiqin Guildhall
    [Chinese name]: Xiqin huiguan 西秦会馆
    [Location]: Zigong 自贡市
    [Designation]: 3-76
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  • [Site]: Guangde Temple
    [Chinese name]: Guangde si 广德寺
    [Location]: Suining 遂宁市
    [Designation]: 6-703
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  • [Site]: Shi'erqiao Site
    [Chinese name]: Shi'er qiao yizhi 十二桥遗址
    [Location]: Chengdu 成都市
    [Designation]: 5-105
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Sichuan has a long history, vast land and abundant resources, since ancient times has enjoyed the “land of abundance” reputation. Fossils of the famous “Ziyang Man” skull have been unearthed in Ziyang County in Central River. The carp bridge in central Ziyang, Yangzi Mountain in Chengdu, on the Western plain, and Hanyuan County in southwestern Sichuan Basin have yielded a wealth of ancient tools and animal bones dating from one hundred thousand to twenty thousand years ago. These archaeological remains and relics are the earliest evidence of the livelihood and labor of the ancestors in Sichuan.

The random tool generated 127 entries and recorded the list of major national historical and cultural sites in Sichuan Province. These cultural sites have been recorded in the annals of history as one of the few tourist attractions that posterity will think of every time it is mentioned, including Luding Bridge, Huangze Temple Rock Sculptures, Guangyuan Thousand Ha Rock Sculptures, Han Period Que in Qu County, Que in Pingyang Prefecture, Du Fu ched thatcottage and others.

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