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  • [Site]: Maqiao Site上海马桥遗址
    [Date]: Neolithic
    [Location]: Minhang District
    [Image]: Maqiao Site.JPGUpload file
    [Coordinates]: 31°02′07″N 121°22′58″E / 31.035193°N 121.382854°E / 31.035193; 121.382854 (Maqiao Site)
    [Designation]: 7-135

  • [Site]: Sheshan Observatory佘山天文台
    [Date]: 1900
    [Location]: Songjiang District
    [Image]: Sheshan Tianwentai.JPGUpload file
    [Coordinates]: 31°05′48″N 121°11′24″E / 31.096592°N 121.190121°E / 31.096592; 121.190121 (Sheshan Observatory)
    [Designation]: 7-1695

  • [Site]: Site of the Second Congress of the Communist Party of China中国共产党第二次全国代表大会会址
    [Date]: 1922
    [Location]: Huangpu District
    [Image]: Zhongguogongchandang Di'erci Quanguodaibiaodahui Huizhi.JPGUpload file
    [Coordinates]: 31°13′27″N 121°28′00″E / 31.224271°N 121.466796°E / 31.224271; 121.466796 (Site of the Second Congress of the Communist Party of China)
    [Designation]: 7-1698

  • [Site]: Jiading Confucius Temple嘉定孔庙
    [Date]: Ming, Qing
    [Location]: Jiading District
    [Image]: 20130918-嘉定孔庙-1.jpgUpload file
    [Coordinates]: 31°22′53″N 121°15′10″E / 31.381330°N 121.252735°E / 31.381330; 121.252735 (Jiading Confucius Temple)
    [Designation]: 7-945

  • [Site]: Fuquanshan Site福泉山遗址
    [Date]: Neolithic
    [Location]: Qingpu District
    [Image]: Fuquanshan Site.jpgUpload file
    [Coordinates]: 31°12′02″N 121°10′38″E / 31.200569°N 121.177332°E / 31.200569; 121.177332 (Fuquanshan Site)
    [Designation]: 5-37

  • [Site]: Yu Garden豫园
    [Date]: Ming, Qing
    [Location]: Huangpu District
    [Image]: Yu Gardens 20090724-16.JPGUpload file
    [Coordinates]: 31°13′38″N 121°29′32″E / 31.227197°N 121.492106°E / 31.227197; 121.492106 (Yu Garden)
    [Designation]: 2-39

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Shanghai, or Shanghai for short, is the province-level division of the People’s Republic of China, a municipality directly under the central government, a national central city, a megacity, and the China International Center for Economic, financial, trade, shipping, and scientific and technological innovation, national Logistics Hub [2-5]. The city has 16 districts under its jurisdiction, with a total area of 6,340.5 square kilometers. In 2019, there were 24,281,400 permanent residents, 14,504,300 permanent residents and 9,777,100 permanent residents.

The random tool generated 29 entries and recorded the list of major national historical and cultural sites in Shanghai. These cultural sites are recorded in history books and have become some of the tourist attractions that people will think of every time they think of this place, including Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen, Site of the Socialist Youth League of China, Tomb of Lu Xun, Tomb of Soong Ching-ling, Xingshengjiao Temple Pagoda, etc.

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