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Random Major National Historical And Cultural Sites In Tibetreport

  • [Site]: Lieshan Tombs
    [Chinese name]: 烈山墓地 (Lieshan mudi)
    [Location]: Nang County
    [Designation]: 5-181
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  • [Site]: Chagyima Great Hall
    [Chinese name]: 查杰玛大殿 (Chajiema dadian)
    [Location]: Qamdo County
    [Designation]: 6-764
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  • [Site]: Gyidui Tubo Tombs
    [Chinese name]: 吉堆吐蕃墓群 (Jidui Tubo muqun)
    [Location]: Lhozhag County
    [Designation]: 5-182
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  • [Site]: Guge Kingdom ruins
    [Chinese name]: 古格王国遗址 (Guge wangguo yizhi)
    [Location]: Zanda County
    [Designation]: 1-161
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  • [Site]: Norbulingka
    [Chinese name]: 罗布林卡 (Luobulinka)
    [Location]: 29°39′14″N 91°05′30″E / 29.65388889°N 91.09166667°E / 29.65388889; 91.09166667 Lhasa
    [Designation]: 3-96
    [Image]: Norbulingka.gifUpload file

  • [Site]: Karuo Site
    [Chinese name]: 卡若遗址 (Karuo yizhi)
    [Location]: Qamdo County
    [Designation]: 4-19
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The capital, Lhasa, is located in the southwest region of the People’s Republic of China and is one of China’s five ethnic minority autonomous regions. Tibet is located in the southwest part of the qinghai-tibet Plateau, between latitude 26 ° 50’ and latitude 36 ° 53’ , Longitude 78 ° 25’ and Longitude 99 ° 06’ , with an average altitude of more than 4,000 meters, and is known as the “Roof of the World” . With an area of 1,228,400 square kilometers [1] , it accounts for about 1/8 of the total area of the country and is second only to Xinjiang among all provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the country. There were 3,438,200 permanent residents at the end of 2018.

The random tool generated 35 entries and recorded a list of major historical and cultural sites in Tibet. These cultural sites have gone down in history as one of the few tourist attractions that will come to mind, including Gyantse Dzong, Jokhang, Tradruk Temple, Sakya Monastery, Potala Palace and more.

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