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Random Major National Historical And Cultural Sites In Shandongreport

  • [Site]: Former Residence of Wang Jinmei
    [Chinese name]: Wang Jinmei guju 王尽美故居
    [Location]: Zhucheng
    [Designation]: 6-978
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  • [Site]: Dongda Temple, Jining
    [Chinese name]: Jining Dongda si 济宁东大寺
    [Location]: Jining
    [Designation]: 6-619
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  • [Site]: Tombs of Han dynasty Kings of Lu
    [Chinese name]: Han Lu wang mu 汉鲁王墓
    [Location]: Qufu
    [Designation]: 5-170
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  • [Site]: Tan State ruins
    [Chinese name]: Tanguo gucheng 郯国故城
    [Location]: Tancheng County
    [Designation]: 6-119
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  • [Site]: Bian Bridge
    [Chinese name]: Bianqiao 卞桥
    [Location]: Sishui County
    [Designation]: 6-613
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  • [Site]: Yan Temple
    [Chinese name]: Yan miao 颜庙
    [Location]: 35°36′03″N 116°59′19″E / 35.60083333°N 116.98861111°E / 35.60083333; 116.98861111 Qufu
    [Designation]: 5-336
    [Image]: The Temple of Yan.jpgUpload file

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Archaeological discoveries of the Beixin culture, Dawenkou Culture and Longshan culture sites in Shandong Province show that the Dongyi region had developed agriculture, animal husbandry and handicraft industry between 7,000 and 4,000 years ago. Also found in Shandong are the oldest Chinese characters “Dawenkou Pottery” , “Longshan pottery book” in Dinggong Village, Zouping County, “Chengzi Yalong mountain ancient city” , and the oldest surviving Great Wall of China, “Qi Great Wall” , the earliest oracle bone inscriptions in China, “oracle bone inscriptions at Tangshan site in Huantai County” . According to the research of experts, Shandong Province was the main supplier of Silk Trade in the Han and Tang dynasties and the source of the Silk Road.

The random tool generated 96 entries and recorded the list of major national historical and cultural sites in Shandong Province. These cultural sites have been chronicled as one of the few tourist attractions that posterity will think of every time it is mentioned, including Xiaotang Mountain Shrine, Stone Carvings of the Wu Family Tombs, Four Pagoda Gates, Qufu Temple of Confucius and Family Mansion.

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