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  • [Site]: Li Family Residence
    [Chinese name]: Li shi zhuangyuan 李氏庄园
    [Location]: Huoqiu County
    [Designation]: 6-958
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  • [Site]: Command Post of the Huaihai Campaign and the East China Field Army
    [Chinese name]: Huaihai zhanyi zong qianwei he Huadong yezhanjun zhihuibu jiuzhi 淮海战役总前委和华东野战军指挥部旧址
    [Location]: Suixi County
    [Designation]: 6-961
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  • [Site]: Renzi Cave
    [Chinese name]: Renzi dong yizhi 人字洞遗址
    [Location]: Fanchang County
    [Designation]: 6-93
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  • [Site]: Hu Clan Ancestral Temple in Longchuan
    [Chinese name]: Longchuan Hushi zongci 龙川胡氏宗祠
    [Location]: Jixi County
    [Designation]: 3-84
    [Image]: 胡氏宗祠正门.JPGUpload file

  • [Site]: Former Residence of Liu Mingchuan
    [Chinese name]: Liu Mingchuan jiuju 刘铭传旧居
    [Location]: Feixi County
    [Designation]: 6-957
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  • [Site]: Zhu Ran Family cemetery
    [Chinese name]: Zhu Ran jiazu mudi 朱然家族墓地
    [Location]: Ma'anshan
    [Designation]: 5-166
    [Image]: Tomb of Zhuran 02 2012-05.JPGUpload file

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Huangshan City is located in the southern part of Huangshan City, Anhui Province, with 72 peaks, the main peak Lianhua 1,864 meters above sea level, with the bright peak, Tiandu peak known as the three major Huangshan Peak, one of the 36 peaks. Huangshan City is the tourism symbol of Anhui, is the only mountain scenery of China’s top ten scenic spots. Huangshan City, formerly known as “Huangshan” , is famous for its dark peaks and dark rocks. After the legend of Yellow Emperor Yellow Emperor in this Alchemy, it was renamed “Huangshan City. ” . Huangshan City represents the landscape “four unique waterfalls” , four unique: Qi Song, strange stone, Sea of clouds, hot springs; three waterfalls: Word Waterfall, Baizhang Spring, Kowloon Waterfall. The welcoming Pines of Huangshan City are a symbol of the warmth and friendship of the people of Anhui, bearing the Oriental Etiquette Culture of embracing the world.

The random generated tool collates 56 items for major national historical and cultural heritage listings in Anhui Province, including Headquarters of the New Fourth Army, Ming Central Capital and Rock offerings of the Imperial mausoleums, Hu Clan Temple in Longchuan, Dwelin Qiankou, Xuguo Stone Arch, Huaxilou and others.

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