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  • [Site]: Baoshan Yuhuang Pavilion
    [Chinese name]: Baoshan Yuhuang ge 保山玉皇阁
    [Location]: Baoshan
    [Designation]: 6-751
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  • [Site]: Chen Family Ancestral Temple
    [Chinese name]: Chenshi zongci 陈氏宗祠
    [Location]: Shiping County
    [Designation]: 6-1059
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  • [Site]: Catholic Church in Cizhong
    [Chinese name]: Cizhong jiaotang 茨中教堂
    [Location]: Dêqên County
    [Designation]: 6-1054
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  • [Site]: Yunnan Military Academy site
    [Chinese name]: Yunnan lujun jiangwutang (jiuzhi) 云南陆军讲武堂 (旧址)
    [Location]: Kunming
    [Designation]: 3-18
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  • [Site]: Memorial Hall to Victory against the Japanese
    [Chinese name]: Kangzhan shengli jiniantang 抗战胜利纪念堂
    [Location]: Kunming
    [Designation]: 6-1064
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  • [Site]: National Southwestern Associated University site
    [Chinese name]: Guoli xinan lianhe daxue (jiuzhi) 国立西南联合大学 (旧址)
    [Location]: Kunming
    [Designation]: 6-1062
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Yunnan, the national historical and cultural city of Yunnan, is “south of the colorful clouds”, “colorful clouds”, another saying is located in the “south of Yunling Mountains” and so named. Yunnan (Yunnan), the capital of Kunming, is located in China’s southwest border, is one of the important birthplaces of human civilization. Kunming enjoys the reputation of being the “spring city”. Kunming is open and fashionable, which condenses Yunnan’s regional advantages, from the “southern Silk Road” more than 2,000 years ago to the opening of Kunming, it has been the East Asian mainland and Indochina, the Indian subcontinent countries for economic and trade exchanges and political ties of the land hub.

The random tool generated 77 entries and recorded the list of the main national historical and cultural sites in Yunnan Province. These cultural sites have been recorded in the history books and become a few tourist attractions that posterity will think of every time they think of this place, including the Shizhongshan Caves, Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple, Cuan Baozi Stele, Cuan Longyan Stele and so on.

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